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The Puzzle Shop is operated by Workshops At Schools Ltd. As well as being a leading seller of puzzles in the UK we also offer Workshops to Primary and Secondary Schools. These range from maths focused problem solving days through to larger team building activity days. We have been running our workshops in schols for 10 years and have now worked with thousands of schools. These are offered to both Primary and Secondary Schools in the UK. We operate our workshops under three brands: Below is an overview of these brands. You can click on the website links if you want to find out more.

The Problem Solving CompanyThe Problem Solving Comapny

The Problem Solving Company travel nationwide delivering maths workshops in schools. As a company, we have developed a series of activities to encourage core skills and fundamental thinking in mathematics. We have broken through the "boring" stigma attached to mathematics through play, discussion and team work. Pupils are presented with a series of hands on challenges which require reasoning, logic and trial and error to get them to their solution whilst at the same time using the correct mathematical terminology and hitting curriculum links. Bringing us into your school has the pupils "buzzing" for mathematics in the weeks following our visit. Our workshops demonstrate to pupils (and teachers) that mathematics is a subject of discovery and exploration and not just a subject of rote learning full of processes. We leave the pupils with a great feeling of satisfactions and success, and as the pupils leave the workshops we often hear the words -maths is great, or -I didn't realise we were doing maths! which hopefully inspires them to approach maths with a new direction in the future.


School Escape RoomsSchool Escape Rooms

School Escape Rooms has taken the immersive Escape Room concept and adapted it for schools. For those who have yet to come across Escape Rooms, they are live action rooms in which a team are locked into a room and have to solve a series of puzzles and challenges to escape. As much as teachers might want to lock some of their pupils into a room, it is frowned upon. Instead, we have locked a key in a box. Your pupils will be working in teams to crack the codes and challenges to work out how to get into the box. This is an extremely engaging challenge for your pupils. The desire to access something which is locked away drives and motivates your pupils to crack the puzzles to eventually find that key which will stop the timer. Your pupils will have to think for themselves. Watch how they approach the challenges with no instructions. They have to utilise all the skills of their team to work out what they are required to do and how to do it! We have written puzzles on a variety of subjects such as history, maths and science and will be continously expanding the topics we cover.


The School Puzzle CompanyThe School Puzzle Company

The School Puzzle Company provides maths puzzle workshops and challenge days for both Primary and Secondary schools. Using our large puzzle challenges give pupils the opportunity to participate in a group challenge without getting in the way of each other. We have carefully chosen our puzzles that we use in our workshops to promote a fun and lively maths curriculum. When this is combined with thinking skills and logical reasoning pupils start to have approach our puzzles with a new found mathematical understanding. Each of our puzzles has different stages of challenge allowing groups to move up to that next level of thinking.