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Colour Code - Smart Games

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Age Range: 5 to 99

Educational Skills:
- Problem Solving
- Spacial Awareness / Reasoning
- Visual Perception
- Logical Thinking

Number Of Players: 1 or more


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Colour Code by Smart Games is a multi-level puzzle with 25 levels in each of 4 graded sections (starter, junior, expert and master). This puzzle has 18 coloured tiles which must be stacked in the holder to provide the correct combination to each particular challenge. In addition to working out which tiles will be needed, the puzzler has to work out the orientation and sequence of each piece. Your concentration will be tested alongside problem solving and sequencing skills! With 100 levels this one player puzzle will provide hours of fun and challenge. Colour Code comes with Free Delivery.

Additional Information

Age 3 - 5 years, 6 - 7 years, 8 - 11 years, 12 - 14 years, 15 - Adult